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Frequently Asked Questions

April 20th, 2009

Q: What happened to my "new account verification" or "password reset" email?

A: We know that our server is reliably and quickly sending out the necessary emails, so it is most likely one of two things: 1) The email is somehow stalled in getting to you -- be a little bit more patient, or 2) Your email provider or mail reading program has classified the email as spam -- have a look in your spam/bulk mail folder for email from Yahoo users seem to have a particular problem with this and there doesn't appear to be much of anything that we can do about it.

Q: What can you tell me about your photo prints?

A: Our prints are processed by a professional photo lab. They are printed on Kodak Supra Endura or Fuji Crystal Professional Archival papers and can be ordered in either satin or gloss finish. Order processing takes a minimum of two days and five days in the worst case. They will be shipped to you directly from the lab. Shipping goes via either US Postal Service or FedEx (your choice). It may not be possible to ship larger prints via the US Postal Service, in which case you can choose from among the FedEx options presented at checkout time. Please let us know if these shipping options are unacceptable.

Q: When I am logged in, I see my name watermarked in the larger photos. If I share a link to pages or photos on this site, will my name be in them?

A: Not unless you download the photos and repost them (which you are not allowed to do). Only you will see your name in the watermark. If you share links to photos and pages, those viewing them will not see your name in the photos. If viewers log into, they will see their name in them instead.

Q: When I am choosing an item to add to my cart, why does the list of items change from photo to photo?

A: Photos are at different sizes depending on many factors including the camera used to take the photo, any cropping that may have been done to the photo after it was shot, etc. In order to ensure quality prints we have minimum requirements in terms of numbers of pixels per printed inch. Smaller photo originals will therefore not be available in larger print sizes. The same holds true for watermarked half size photos. If reducing the photo size by half would result in a photo that's too small, that option is removed. An additional issue with prints is that not all paper sizes and photo originals have the same relationship of width to height. Depending on a photo's width and height relationship we only make prints of a matching paper size width and height relationship available. Again, this is to ensure that the photo you see on the computer screen will be the photo you get in a print. For wallpapers, we don't offer images to be used as either desktop or mobile wallpaper if the image would need to be blown up in size to fit the 480 and 1600 pixel size requirements.

Q: Why are wallpapers sized at 480 pixels wide and 1600 pixels wide for mobile devices and desktops respectively?

A: 480 pixels is the size of the screen width or height of most high-end phones out there today and many are actually smaller than that. If your phone screen is smaller, the image will automatically be sized down to fit. 1600 pixels is the horizontal resolution of many desktop displays (and many are still smaller). Your computer has settings for how to treat the wallpaper if the size of your screen does not match the size of the wallpaper. Unless your screen is significantly higher resolution than 1600 pixels across, you will have a great desktop wallpaper or screen saver photo.

1989 Ferrari Type 035 5 Formula 1 engine exhaust header

1972 Brabham BT40 Formula 2 Jonathan Burke leading 1983 Williams FW08C Formula 1 Dan Baker out of turn 11

1969 Brabham BT29 Dave Zurlinden

1966 Porsche 906 Dann Boeschen

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